This feature is available for paid plans only.

To save a template you should do the following steps:

  1. While logged in to your Signit account, click on “templates” from the left navigation menu then click the + sign on the top right corner.

  2. Click on “upload document” and upload the PDF file that you want to turn into a template. Once it has finished loading, click on  “next”. 

  3. Add the roles of the signers (ex: Client, Investor, Employee, etc.) and click next.

  4. You can now go ahead and add the fields and annotations to the document.. You can drag and drop them from the left side menu. 

  5. Make sure that you do this for all signers by changing the assignee from the dropdown list at the top of the left side menu. Once finished, click “next”

  6. Give your template a name and a description then click “save & finish” to save it for future use.