This feature is available for paid plas only

 To set a signing order for the signers to receive the signature request follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Signit account.

  2. Click on “Upload documents for signing” or “Start from a template”.

  3. After selecting the document, you will have to add the signer(s) that are required to sign.

  4. Then toggle the option “Set signing order”.

  5. After choosing to set the signing order, you can drag and drop the signers in the order you want them to receive the signature request in.

  6. After adding the signers, you can go ahead and add fields and annotations to the document. You can drag and drop them from the left side menu. 

  7. Make sure that you do this for all signers by changing the assignee from the dropdown list at the top of the left side menu.

  8. Click “Next” and fill in the invitation details.

  9. Click on “Finish & Send” to share the agreement with all recipients and signers .

Note: The signers will receive the signature request in the order you will set, meaning that the second signer will not receive the signature request unless the first on signs the document and so on.